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Written by Kayla on March 19, 2014

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates around here! I’ll be getting caught up with event pictures and PLL captures asap!

10 Pretty Little Fitness Facts with Holly Marie Combs
Written by Kayla on August 13, 2013

Who isn’t obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. Back in its fourth season, the shows twists and turns and all-star cast makes it easy to keep coming back to Rosewood for more.

Holly Marie Combs (who plays smart and sexy mom Ella Montgomery to Lucy Hale’s Aria) is one of the many reasons we keep tuning in. “You definitely start to get an idea as to who the good guys and the bad guys really are this season. It’s exciting and as surprising as ever,” she says. “We are sworn to secrecy. Contractually. But I can tell you I am A. Just kidding….”

Though she can’t spill secrets from the show, she can spill her own. We caught up with the star to find out her own workout obsessions, celebrity body crush, and more.

1. She and her boyfriend hike every morning.
“We live in the mountains with hiking trails so we have no excuse not to,” says Combs. “I don’t count miles. I feel I’ve gone far enough if every muscle in my body feels awake with circulation but not to the point where I feel I have worn myself out.

2. She doesn’t push herself through workouts like she used to.
“At this point in life I have realized that the next forty years need to be about maintaining my muscles, joints, and posture. I don’t push my body through workouts as I’ve done in last 39 years like to ‘ask’ my body to do things now instead of ‘telling’ or forcing my body to do something now.”

3. She’s a big fan of Pilates.

“In between my first and second child Pilates helped my body a lot. In between my second and third I had to amp it up a bit with kickboxing training, which I did until I was six months pregnant with Kelley,” she says. (more…)

Charmed Season 6
Written by Angela on February 17, 2013

I have finished screen capturing the last few episodes of Charmed season 6, completing the season. Holly was pregnant in ‘real life’ towards the end of the season so her screen time was limited, none the less season 6 provided some great story lines for Piper, the best of course being future Chris. Previews & links below, enjoy!

Television Shows > Charmed (1998-2006) > Season 6 > Screen Captures

Holly @ “Bands For Beds” Bethlehem Parents Primary School Benefit
Written by Kayla on January 19, 2013

Hello! Holly attended “Bands For Beds” Bethlehem Parents Primary School Benefit yesterday. I’ve added beautiful pictures of her at it to the gallery! Previews and gallery link below:

Gallery Link:
022 x Public Appearances > 2013 > “Bands For Beds” Bethlehem Parents Primary School Benefit – 01.18.13

Holly @ Various 2012 Public Appearances
Written by Kayla on January 19, 2013

Sorry for taking forever to get these added, but I’ve added pictures of Holly from the 2012 events we were missing. Previews and gallery links below:

Gallery Links:
005 x Public Appearances > 2012 > “The Odd Life Of Timothy Green” Los Angeles Premiere – 08.07.12
003 x Public Appearances > 2012 > Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2012 – 08.10.12
014 x Public Appearances > 2012 > Mattels Micro Drifters Toy Test Drive – 09.10.12
003 x Public Appearances > 2012 > “Finding Nemo Disney Digital 3D” Los Angeles Premiere – 09.11.12
027 x Public Appearances > 2012 > “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween Special Screening – 10.16.12

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